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“Come in, Come in!” is a children’s picture book that captures a young child and their dream of a world in which everyone is welcome just as they are. In this world, absolutely anything is possible, and you will meet a cast of characters you are certain never to forget—elephant clouds, yogi giraffes, giggling moons, dancing tricycles, pirouetting porcupines, hiccuping hyenas, starfish wishes and more! Written by #1 bestselling children’s book author, Roger Hutchison, and illustrated by award-winning illustrator, Nicky Mills, “Come in, Come in!” is certain to please readers & dreamers both young and old with its uniquely compelling universe and profound words meant to showcase the possibility of a world in which we all accept each other for exactly who we are.

PRE-ORDER A SIGNED COPY of Come In, Come In by Roger Hutchison

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